Measuring Energy Fields

Measuring Energy Fields: State of the Science.

Author: K. Korotkov.

Measuring Energy Fields

Measuring Energy Fields

Volume I in the GDV Bioelectrography series presents recent studies and applications of the Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) technique. Our previous books were created by a small group of associates. This volume presents a wide range of articles by authors from different countries. After seven years of development, the GDV techniques entered a new stage of “catalytic growth” with innovative methods emerging from various laboratory and clinical settings. Research by independent groups around the world demonstrates that the GDV technique provides methods for recording subtle dynamics in the energy fields of objects with various natures.

GDV assessment methods are demonstrated to have a wide range of important applications in medicine, sports performance, materials testing, as well as analytic studies of human consciousness and spiritual healing.

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  1. мне нужна книга о свойстве воды. Ну и измерение энергетических полей можно почитать

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