39 thoughts on “Human Light System

  1. Hello Dr:Krotkov
    I will like to join Human Lights System Course. I will come from the Turkey. Hope see you that time. Have nice a day.

  2. Hi

    I came across an article about soul leaving the body captured on camera.can you share few photographs of it?I would like to know more about this course human light system?

      1. The link you gave had no photos. Where are the energy field photos of the soul leaving the body, that you have reported? I would like to see them.

  3. Hi. I a diabetologist in India. I would like to be a distributor for bio well camera in South India. We are having a good network of business. So please contact us.
    With regards.
    Dr . SHARIF

  4. i am from Pakistn with ability tht i can conract milions with in jist… kindly send me ur soul living pics will publicty or hlp to knw ur work.

  5. I acted as secretary to the IKRA under Dr Benjamen Shafiroff 1980 – 2000 when he passed. Was curious to see in which direction this was going.

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