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  1. Dear Dr. Korotkov, I have just participated at Dr. Eric Pearl’s Seminar Reconnective Healing, and I am very interested on buying your Bio Well and GDV Sputnik devices. Therefore, I am here with some questions. 1) Is there any representative person in Brazil, where I could buy all the equipment? 2) If I buy it directly from your GDV Store would you send it to me here in Brazil? 3) Is there any possibility as soon as I buy it, to have an invoice showing lower price, lets say 50% of total amount? This is due to the fact that we have heavy fees and taxes here in Brazil at customs department. 4) After buying it how long woukd it take to have the products in Brazil? 5) Is it possible to send the goods to other person, for instance in Canada, that could then bring it to me in Brazil? 6) What about the use of equipment, do we need to have classes in order to learn how it works and how to interpret the results? 7) I am also thinking about buying your book “Science proves Reconnective healing” Is there any other book you could suggest? Thank you for all attention. Best regards Christian.

  2. Hi,
    Some time ago I made the payment and see that your site has been accepted in my account when I could get my products Can we?

  3. Dear Dr. Korotkov Thank you so much for all replies.

    I will send you an email, in fact, I did it on september, 29th.

    Will send you a new email. Once again, thanks for all attention.

    Kind . Best regards, Light and Love as well.

  4. Dear Dr. Korotkov, I’m going to travel to New York, next week 24/10 to 30/10. I would like to buy a IUMUB (00094) is it possible to send it to me in this dates?

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