Dear friends,

Dr. Korotkov
Dr. Korotkov

We started new process of presenting new Bio-Well device to the world.

The main idea – to give people new vision of life, new vision of reality through their own experience, by measuring Energy Fields in humans and Nature and understanding the energy side of the Universe. I am sure more and more people will participate in this movement and will share their findings and experiences at the meetings, conferences and via Bio-Well exchange.
We are only in the beginning of this process. For us this is not a business, but a Soul Mission. We do not have enough experience organizing logistics of the process. That is why delays and mis-understandings are possible. Please be patient and trust our pure intentions.
In our activity we rely on our Distributors – our friends, who have experience, knowledge and trust. They should give you training, answer your questions and help you in understanding the World of Energies.

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  1. Hello, I recently (today) saw your info on the picture you captured of the soul leaving the body. I experienced seeing along with my husband our sons soul/spirit leaving in 1991. David Michael was 7 months old and I was holding him when we saw what we describe as a vapor of energy. I was so glad that both my husband and I saw this at the sane time otherwise I would of passed it off as extreme exhaustion for myself.
    Glad you are educating the world to how there are other dimensions beyond what we are taught.
    Opening our minds and letting go of the traps we put our selfs in. So much to enjoy if we will move pass the fears.
    All the very best to you!
    Marcia Newman ~ The Woodlands, Texas

  2. Wow …. It’s nice to know that what you have studied you are sharing this with the world. I am so interested in this and u am a true believer that our soul never dies the body we have is known as the vessel. I have been fortunate to see souls from a very young age, I guess it’s a gift that I have passed on to my daughter. My father passed away 4 months ago, I am a Hindu and in our religion it states that when we die the soul remains with us until the 12th day where we conduct a religious ceremony. This lasts for a few hours the beauty of this is at the end of the final pray that’s when the soul leaves us to go on their journey. When we did this for my dad my daughter and I saw my dad’s soul leaving us accompanied by his own parents. Although it was a very sad and emotional time for us hard to say good bye there was plenty of years yet it was also a happy moment to watch. In this world it’s difficult to explain to people what we witnessed, however there are more people who are opening their minds to understand. But there is also those human beings who are still asleep who do not understand the concept of souls. Thank you your work has inspired me and I hope it inspires the younger generation.
    Love and light
    Anj xoxox

  3. I hope to see a lot more of this research, most people are unaware so I wish to thank on behalf of humans everywhere, willfully ignorent or not I wish to see us all discover our potential. We know so little about our self’s, thank you.

  4. Dear Konstantin

    I hope you are well.

    I have an idea for some research using the GDV Sputnik, which i would love to discuss with you.

    Can you get in touch with me when you have the chance?

    Sending you abundant love

    Namaste _/|\_


  5. It was great feeling to watch your picture about soul leaving the mortal body. Please give more insights and experience about it. Will be too happy to receive the update in my email.
    A. K. Bhan

  6. hello i am a doc by profession and would like to work learn and contribute on this subject of ASC and mind….thanks ..

    1. With the use of the internet, we can now connect with people of our choice, and learn, understand and practice from the fabulous information available. Dr Korotkov is yet another amazing researcher, living beyond the box.
      I have worked with energy since a child; now an old fart, still work in natural healing, radionics, and I am always eager for more information. Joy to you

  7. Hello I’m a physician and when my mother passed away my sister and I where at her bed side and we clearly saw as if she was breathing again once she had passed, I was so stressed that I called another Dr. And she too saw the same thing and another friend of mine also saw it, we ran all the tests and confirmed her passing, but we kept on seeing this subtle light and movement all around her body (vibration)for at least 3 hours and as soon as she had passed away her face expression changed to a very peaceful one, so the conclusion we came up with was that her soul and different energy bodies were leaving her physical body, my sister had done reiki on her, we put some mantras with music, so I do believe all that is written here and want to thank Dr. Korotkov for what he is doing, hope I can get this wonderful machine GDV some time.

  8. I just watched an interview you did and it really moved me and validated my beliefs as well.. Energy can not be created or destroyed only transferred… I’m always preaching the word of positive energy and the effect it has. Thank you for all you do.

  9. I have known an aura and many other things people find hard to swallow are real since i was a child. Growing up has caused me to hate the world and the lies and blindfolds people wear to remain narrow minded to broader spectrum’s of reality.
    Then i saw the research you are doing Korotkov, I literally cried with happiness!!
    It’s people like you on this earth that keep me having some faith in the human race. I fucking love what you are doing! More then i could ever stress into words. I wish you all the best in your research and will enjoy watching it span out across the world!

  10. Dear Sir,

    Recentl Ive read abt your theory that human body releases the soul or “energetic form” upon death and the form oscilates wherever at this universe till settled at another body…..hence one is was, is and will be….. If this is correct Id like to ask how do you explain an increased population year by year, I mean where do new energetic forms come from, beside the existing ones ? How does it matc h to past lives, etc…


    1. Dear Morpheus, nobody knows :), of course. Actually it’s a lot of possibilities: one Soul can use different bodies, may be Souls lives in some special place and wait. May be something else

  11. Dear Dr. Korotkov. Thank you very much for all your work. Please let me know if there may be a chance to meet you and your colleagues. I am planning a first time trip to Moscow in December or January.

  12. fantastic work..this is probably the research that needs a huge focus. to know and understand who we really are.

    am a decent programmer and it project manager, and a reader of the bhagvada gita ..if I can contribute, do communicate.

  13. Hay amigos mios que creen que el Dr. Korotkov es un impostor con su cámara y que no es cierto que se usen para diagnostico en hospitales. Desearia me enviaran una lista de los hospitales de Rusia y de otros países en los que se utilizan las cámaras de Korotkov para diagnosticar a los pacientes. Les rogaria me contesten a mi email. También me gustaria me suministraran los datos del representante de ventas mas cercano a Buenos Aires, Argentina que vende el equipamiento para hospitales. Mario

  14. Dear Prof. Korotkov
    I take the liberty to write as I came to know of you from reading some scientific publications on GDV Camera, Bioelectrophotography, Kirlian Effect. The above publications are for me much more than important and it was his job to inspire my research professor of which I will speak now.
    My name is Stefano Turini and I’m a cellular and molecular biologist and PhD student in Molecular Medicine, Division of Biochemistry and Cellular Biotechnology, Department of Oncology. My area of ​​research is the study of the phenomenon of EMT or Transition Epithelium Mesenchyme, in lung epithelial cells exposed to asbestiform fibers. I became interested in the geochemical and mineralogical characteristics of the types of asbestos, amphibole and serpentine, about two years ago, I started a PhD to fully understand the biological effects of asbestos and asbestiform particles on the body and, more specifically, at the cellular level. In my lab we are able to understand how they vary Epithelium Mesenchyme Transition markers such as E-Cadherin, Vimentin, beta-catenin, Metalloproteases 2,3,9, Tubulin, zonula occludens 1 (ZO-1), fibronectin, via test Western Blot and Genetics applied to factors such as Snail and MMP (metalloprotease). Next to my academic
    work, since more than seven years, I lead research and experiments in the field of self-taught Unconventional Medicine, Chiropractic treatment, Biopranoterapia and, based on what I am passionate about his research on the BDORT (Bi Digital O Ring Test, which was invented by Prof. Yoshiaki Omura, from Columbia University, in New York) for identification asbestos, toxic to all sorts of diseases and markers at the level of the organism. In my research on Unconventional Medicine I joined about four years ago, a company in the city of Milan, Italy, called Karnak and I bought two devices that have been a pivotal point in my research. The first is a sensor for the uptake of bioelectric and biomagnetic pulses emitted from cells, tissues, organs and systems and, on the basis of a specific software, determines the activity, which originated from the phenomenon of bioresonance cell, of each organ. The operating principle is not unlike that of a tool for magnetic encephalography and thought I perform a series of experiments to compare the data obtained with the normal
    procedures of BDORT with data obtained with this sensor, which I renamed Bioscanner or Bioscan. A test of BDORT that fascinated me particularly is that in which a therapist is holding histopathological slides prepared, and with the other hand identifies, by ring opening with greater or lesser strength of the ring that is to create with your fingers. Going back to the Karnak Sensor, about six years ago, I performed the first experiments with radioactive minerals (uraninite, torbernite, thorianite, autunite, Cuprosklodwiskite), to determine the decay of the potential of bio-resonance cell, in certain organs affected, compared with a control in which the person was carrying any kind of toxic stimulus. The innovation Bioscan resides in the fact that, a test subject, can bring up a particular type of substance, toxic, conventional medicine, holistic or Ayurvedic and observe how the Bioscan responds and appear as the graphs of bioresonance. Based on that,
    just as is done with the BDORT, you can determine which turns out to be the best remedy for a given subject-patient. Moreover, a software tool, called KER or Karnak Energetic Test, is used to detect food allergies in order to recommend a specific diet for those who show intolerance to specific foods or disorders. A test that I had in mind to execute plans to put in the hands of the subject test in a sealed container with a piece of asbestos of different nature: Chrysotile, Crocidolite, Amosite, Tremolite, Anthophyllite, and Actinolite observe, by Bioscan, in which organs locates the highest value of bio-resonance cell by comparing each measurement with a control in which the subject does not bring anything in his hand. The tool also performs a setup the environment before starting the measurement on the test subject in order to remove the background of an electromagnetic pulse environment that may interact and affect the results. To make it even more
    reliable measurements was thinking of putting the instrument and the subject within a room equipped with Faraday cage in order to screen every incoming or outgoing pulse. Once you have identified the bodies in which it manifests the greatest level of impairment on the basis of measurements obtained with the Bioscan, I had in mind to do a treatment with the second tool that I purchased from this company, or a regenerator Energy, a sort of apparatus to perform a form of Electrotherapy via very low frequency waves (ELF). The instrument in question is a generator of ELF waves set, such as triangular waves and square, so as to cover the whole range of frequencies of the brain waves (alpha, beta, gamma, delta) and is capable of emitting a range of frequencies ranging from 0.5 to 20 Hz the execution of these experiments I was inspired by his research, and I had the opportunity to read publications of Yoshiaki Omura in Acupunture & Elettrotherapeutics, and experiments of a
    certain Royal Raymond Rife, who discovered the phenomenon of resonance coordinative. In his experiments, since the formation of a bacteriologist, Rife took microbial cultures and subjected to certain electromagnetic frequencies up to determine a specific frequency that induced lysis of the specific microorganism or cell tumor without damaging the surrounding tissue. On the web I could not find a document with all of them discovered by Rife frequencies for each kind of disease then known, and I have determined that, with my Energy Regenerator, I can play them back. The Bioscanner and the Regenerator Energy work practically in unison. In recent weeks I have developed two research projects self-taught, always in relation with Electrotherapy: about three years I follow the research of Prof. Joel Sternheimer, in Paris, which has developed a method, applied at the level botanist and agronomist, which allows , by sending specific frequencies, to ensure faster
    growth and healthier plants. His theory is based on the fact that, for each specific amino acid corresponds to a given musical note and, based on this, it is possible to transform a language genomic and / or proteomic-language sound. In this case, by means of a specific software, it is possible to extrapolate, for example from the NCBI database, a genomic sequence or proteomics and convert the language of sound to be sent to a plant or to a test subject. The question that I have done is: This theory can also be applied to animal and human level? The research of Professor Sternheimer can have a positive outcome on a human level? For this I had in mind to proceed in this way: detect BDORT Bioscan decays and energy of a subject and then download from the web or protein sequences of genes that would stimulate and convert them into sounds in order to make them listen to subject-patient relationship. Moreover, there are a lot of ancient artifacts that
    demonstrate how pleasing sounds have a positive effect on living organisms: the Hindu God Krishna show that induces a growth of crops sounding similar to a flute, and the ancient Hindu medical text Sushruta Samshiita describes how music can relieve pain. The second project aimed to use a tool for measuring the tensile strength, ie a dynamometer for the execution of the procedure BDORT.
    During the opening of the ring is used a dynamometer for measuring the resistance force in the opening and, where two results are uncertain, the instrument, measuring up to two significant figures after the decimal point, it would be able to discriminate. I wanted to say also, Professor, I’ve also had the opportunity to study and implement many experiments with Kirlian Photography. Once I started interessarmene I tried to develop a method to develop direct photographic plates in color and some experiments have given results are not entirely satisfactory. Among my experiments had also tried to develop the Kirlian photography to plasma emission in which, the power supply, derived directly from a spool by induction or by a Tesla coil, which it distributed an output voltage of about 10,000 volts. The spool induction was enclosed within a glass structure in which there was a microaerobic atmosphere at subatmospheric pressure, based on argon. Finally, I also
    wanted to tell you that, with my equipment, I tried to verify the presence of orgone theorized by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the second half of the ’50s and determine the nature of the chakras described in detail in the texts Hands of Light and Light emerging written by Dr. Barbara AnnBrennan. Finally, recently, I had in mind to begin a work aimed to treat two cell cultures of malignant mesothelioma (epithelioid and sarcomatoid variant) with preparations of Professor Omura: cilantro + octanoic acid + Omega 3 (fish oil) and observe the Optical Microscope, any change in cell morphology, as well as, verify by BDORT, the variation of the concentration of the markers associated with the Transition Epithelium-Mesenchyme. I would be interested to understand what is the biochemical and molecular biological mechanism that lies behind the action of cilantro and other products that you have used on cancer cells. Finally, I also wanted to tell you that I started studying,
    always being self-taught, the principles and foundations of the ancient Tibetan
    medicine, techniques and preparations.
    Pardon me if I was a bit ‘wordy Professor.
    I would love to stay in touch with her and, perhaps, to meet them in person to talk about my research. If you pleasure, as soon as I will get new results of my experiments I would like to inviarglieli order to have an opinion.
    So that you can have more references about me I enclose my telephone number and my e-mail:

    Waiting for his courteous response I offer my most cordial greetings.


    Dr. Stefano Turini Bsc, Msc

  15. Good Morning, I’m Stefano Turini, I wanted to ask one thing: Prof. Korotkov has a phone number at which I can reach him? Thank you and good day.
    Dr. Stefano Turini

  16. Dr Konstantin, your contribution to this energy field has been amazing. Thank you so much.

    I would like to develop an energy detector which could measure the in-flow and out-flow of energy in and out of the energy body.

    I would like to get in touch with you regarding this research.


  17. I just learned about your work . I have great faith in the energy field of study. I have been playing with it for 30 years. I test vitamins, use energy when hurt to speed healing , can “scan” body and feel what bones are out of place and which way they need to go and even recently ( last 2 years) t use energy alone to adjust those bones. I use energy to test whether foods are contaminated and heal plants with it. I have worked on animals too. Since everything is energy it is endless what can be done. The energy world is amazing.. I also try to open people to what they can experience for themselves by connecting my energy to their hands and let them experience what it feels like and give them info on how they can play with it as I have. I look forward to learning more about your work. Bless you, Thanks, Audrey

  18. hello
    I have all your answers about (Human Energi) to understanding Auric Bodies and Chakras. I need to talk Dr: Kostantin Korotkov. please contact me soon as possible. thx

  19. Есть интересные мысли по поводу ваших иследований,где я имею возможность их вам изложить?

  20. Dear Doctor Korotov,
    I’m an Italian researcher in the science of physioterapy. I make physio and i’m also a manager in sport project.
    I work with many athlets but before i work on me to grow up my consciussness and became a woman that live in the light this wondefool life.
    Many years ago when i work in hospital i create a method to treat and make the best for the healthly of my patients.
    Today i continues in that mission, and recently i’m looking for something around me, like an upgrade for make the best in my work,……..and like a magic i read your book “the energy of counsciussness” and after i go on internet to find you and your study and research and the machine that you created. I think that it is greatfull used on my athlets and patients, and to bring in the project that i’m developing.
    Actually i follow the develop of a big sports center in milan masseroni and marchesi 2 is the name, and is the milan football school for player. I will hope to can speak with you to have the opportunity to undestand your practice and speak about the way to make test to the athletes.
    I will come to moscow the 3-4 of september, to ufa the 6-8 and to san pietroburgo the 9-10 to follow a tennis player, i ask to you if you have time, and if is possible to meet me to understand more about the machine and know you. I will honorate about that.
    Manuela Magistro

  21. Уважаемый Господин Коротков,

    Приглашаем Вас на открытие первой международной выставки Великая Тайна Воды
    “Сайлаухан Су”, которое состоится в г. Алматы в Государственном Музее
    Искусств Республики Казахстан им. А. Кастеева с 7 по 23 октября 2014 года.

    Организатор выставки – Сайлаухан Ауельбаева – человек интересной и непростой
    судьбы, наделённая уникальным даром исцеления больных посредством излучаемой
    ею энергетики целебного свойства на воду, превращавшуюся при этом в
    универсальное целебное средство.

    На счету у этой удивительной женщины большое количество побежденных недугов и
    спасенных от неминуемой гибели людей. Множество пациентов медицинских
    учреждений, которым был поставлен неутешительный диагноз, целительница сумела
    избавить от их недуга без оперативного вмешательства, не прибегая к помощи
    фармацевтических препаратов. Спектр исцеляемых ею недугов весьма обширен,
    включая самого разного рода заболевания, в том числе: рак, облысение, гепатит
    C, гастрит, гипертензия, невроз и т.д. При каждом из медицинских центров С.
    Ауелбаевы имеется лаборатория, диагностическое оборудование для обследования
    пациентов до и после лечения в центре.

    Феномен Сайлаухан Су – энергетическое наполнение воды – был неоднократно
    исследован специалистами разных стран, представляющими различные области

    Обладательница Ордена Королевы Виктории Сайлаухан Ауельбаева готова
    предоставить на суд виднейших представителей Мировой науки свой уникальный
    метод исцеления. Её феноменальный дар должен принадлежать всему миру.
    Способности, данные ей свыше – это загадка, тайна которой должна быть

    Предлагаем Вам поучаствовать в этом необычном и полезном для всего
    человечества процессе.

    Фотографии пациентов:


    +7 777 24 111 85
    +7 777 01234 10
    +7 701 686 222 4
    +7 776 195 50 38

  22. Желаю организаторам и участникам этого проекта больших успехов, неиссякаемой энергии и значимых побед!!!

  23. Dear mr Korotkov and associates:

    My name is Martin Matt, a musician from Estonia. Recently i have been experimenting a lot with my own bioenergies. I am still in the dark about many things but i do feel you are doing the right thing and are on the right track ! I am an (electric!) guitarist by profession but recently i discovered that i react very strongly to the energy of many substances, but mainly different minerals and precious stones. I can “sense” their energy. I try to further my knowledge and abilities every day but there’s still a lot to be discovered as you can imagine by your own research 😉 The point of this message is, that, as i develop my skills, i would very much like to come to St Petersburg one day and work together to advance the study of bioenergetics. My special field, as a musician, is frequency. The commercial musical tuning of A=440 Hz used in many parts of the world is simply criminal and against all living bioresonance and there is a longer story behind that , but vital tuning for music is , as you probably know A=432 Hz , or , for tempered instruments, seems to be A=431,37 Hz. This is a short message to forward my best wishes and to let you know there is some people in Estonia backing your work also !!! 🙂 Best Wishes, Martin

  24. Dear Dr. Korotov,
    I need information in Spanish…please!
    I want learn !

    Thank you!

    From Chile

  25. I have had a few loved ones pass away and I remember that they all did the same thing just days before passing. They would leave their body and come back and tell me “they had just visited another loved one” who was already passed. Do you think we leave our bodies for a while and then return to our body before we die?

  26. Dear Konstatin Korotkov, Gerald Pollack told me about your presence and measurements at the WaterConference in Bulgaria. Circumstances did not allow ,me to assist, so I take the liberty to thank you on behalve of so many women and men who believe and “see” the other side of life and nature. You bring it to evidence by your devices. We are entering in a era of light and that is precisely what you are manifestating as a physician.
    Honour to you, humanity owes you to grow in consciousness.
    With my very best regards, Federico de Goyarts.

  27. Dear Dr. Korotkov: where can I read about Seed studies.
    ( abstracts en semillas).
    I am Agronomist and work in Seed Testing Laboratory.
    Last september, I had a course in GDV- Bio well, with Dra. Ana Ma. Oliva. Barcelona. Spain.
    Hope the time you can visit us in Uruguay.
    Best Regards- Rosario.

  28. hallo i am writing you from southamerica (colombia) i would like to share my experiences . i am a spirituell healer and work with a lot of people simuntaniousley with good results. on otherside iam a physician. my work has good results in treating infeccions,
    trombembolias (recient) and encephalic traumas. these are my special areas. think you for reading my messege.

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  30. Dr. Korotkov… you are awesome !!!! Thanks for ALL!
    I’m following all of yours fantastic works!


    My very best regards

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