Bosnian Impressions

Bosnian Impressions

Sacred Places with Dr. Korotkov 

Bosnian Impressions

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

Long have I heard about the Bosnian Pyramids discovered by Dr. Sam Osmanagich. During a recent visit to St. Petersburg, Dr. Sam invited me to visit him in Bosnia. We agreed March 2017 was a convenient time for both of us. My friend, physicist Oleg Smirnov accompanied me on this adventure.

Dr. Sam met us in Sarajevo. The three of us immediately drove to where the pyramids are settled, the village of Visoko. When we arrived, from the other side of the river, Dr. Sam pointed out the Pyramid of the Sun. He paid attention to its triangular shape and how the exact orientation of the faces correspond to the cardinal points, which is similar to the orientation of the Egyptian pyramids. Then, we drove up to the base of the Pyramid of the Sun and by the forest path, climbed to the excavation place.

In the space of ten years, the volunteers managed to clear several sections of the mountain away from the forest and clean away the rocks and ground cover that had accumulated over the millennia. On that slope, we saw large rock blocks formed by small stones compressed into a homogeneous mass. Each block weighed several tons. The edges of the blocks were quite smooth, although it was difficult to determine if the formations were natural or artificial. Beneath one layer of blocks was a layer of clay. Then we examined the other blocks.

In the nearby excavations, the nature of the blocks was different. Unfortunately, Dr. Sam’s team does not have enough forces and means for more extensive excavations at this time. To complicate matters, his work has been disturbed by two factors. First, the locals would habitually blow up the slopes to use pieces of blocks for their own construction. Second, the whole upper part of the mountain was declared a protected area, so excavations there were banned. This gives the impression that certain forces are trying to sabotage the work of Dr. Osmanagich. He has a complicated relationship with the authorities – sometimes he receives their full support (moral, but still never financial), but with the changing tides of government, the authorities often lose interest in supporting his work.


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Bosnian Impressions 

Powerful Message from Konstantin Korotkov, Valery Uvarov and Osmanagich

Three leading explorers of the pyramid energy in the World talk about the true purpose of the pyramids. They personally run the projects involving the pyramid energy and its effect on healing, molecular structure of the water and food, air cleaning, food, aura field, spiritual senses, free energy.

Powerful message by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Ph.D. of University of St. Petersburg, Bosnian Pyramid discoverer Dr. Sam Osmanagich, Ph.D. and pyramid designer and Egyptologist Valery Uvarov.

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Sacred Places with Dr. Korotkov 

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