Since 2014 GDV BIO-WELL SOFTWARE works online.

Welcome to to the World of mysterious and attractive “living” glows!


The image, which we create in Bio-Well instrument, is based on ideas of Traditional Chinese Medicine and verified by 18 years of clinical experience by hundreds of medical doctors with many thousands of patients. The scanning process is quick, easy and non-intrusive… do it daily for best results! Get real time feedback on what factors – positive and negative – affect your energy state. View each scan in a variety of interesting ways with up to 7 result display options. With the BioWell accessory pack add-on, measure environment and object energies too! Bio-Well is not a medical instrument. It gives you an impression of your Energy Field and allows to see its day-to-day transformation and the influence of different situations and stimulus to your HEF and hence, to your condition. Friendly software makes data processing simple and convenient for non-experienced users. With Bio-Well you do not need to be a scientist to make full-scale scientific research!

In order to use your Bio-Well device you also need an accompanying subscription. While the Bio-Well device captures the scan images, the subscription is the bread and butter of the system. It allows access to our complex algorithm that transforms your scan images into truly meaningful results. You may take images being off-line, and being on-line, you will get all the information. You can choose from three levels of subscription depending on your needs.



More details about GDVSOFTWARE at the website about BIO-WELL SOFTWARE

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  1. Hello,

    Can this device or software capture an accurate image of the Chakra system ? the 7 spining vorticies of the human energy field.

    The Aura is one thing and the Chakras are another.



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