The Energy of Health

The Energy of Health

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

The Energy of Health

Understanding the Principles of Energy Field Analysis

This book describes the principles and step-by-step technique of the Bio- Well analysis, which allow not only to make conclusions of the person’s psychophysiological condition, but also develop recommendations for improvement of health and well-being. The third part of the book is atlas of different cases with description and interpretation. All the materials are based on several years of research and experience of doctors and medical professionals in different countries.

The Energy of Health, DrK Book

Part I. Understanding the Principles
The dangers of modern life
Health and energy
The concept of a biological field
Energy fields, meridians and chakras
The influence of mental, emotional and spiritual processes on the energy field
The mystery of the human body
Four pillars of Bio-Well analysis
The First Pillar – endocrine system
Circadian rhythm of life
Energy circadian rhythm
The Second Pillar – gastro intestinal (GI) tract
The Third Pillar – autonomic nervous system (ANS)
The Fourth Pillar – emotions and stress
What we’ve been told about heart disease is wrong
Making corrections
Step 1. Cleansing and fortifying your mind
Step 2. Cleanse and renew your body
Step 3. Balancing your autonomic nervous system
Step 4. Gastro-intestinal (GI) tract
Step 5. Endocrine system
Recommended readings
Part II. What Can You Do With Your Bio-Well
Measuring the human energy field
Healthy strong condition
Health problems
Stress level evaluation
Altered state of consciousness
Chakra measurement
Health status
Energy reserve
4 Part I. Understanding The Principles
Organs Energy
Yin – Yang balance
Different types of Bio-grams
Defects on the Bio-grams (stigmata’s)
Bio-gram symptoms in different sectors
Monitoring Energy Reactions.
Functional Bio-Well tests
One finger mode
Bio-grams with and without filter
Environment Scan
Moscow Experiments
09.09.2016 Experiment
Meditation mode
Testing Water
Important remarks
Parameters of the BIO-grams Used for the Analysis
Scientific Background
What does the Bio-Well instrument Measure in Physical Terms?
Can this Emission take Place without an Electric Field?
What does the EPI method Measure in Biophysical Terms?
Where does the Electronic Current in the Body Originate?
Part 3 Interpretation of Bio-Well Analysis Data
Before you start
Bio-Well Analysis
Evaluation of psychological state
People with multiple health issues
Neurological and psychic diseases
Analysis of ADHD children
Case of a woman with bladder cancer
Comparing couples
The Energy of Health, DrK Book
The Energy of Health, DrK Book
Photos by the author Cover design by Oleg Bazhenov
Interior design by Anna Korotkova
ISBN-13: 978-1539187288

ISBN-10: 1539187284

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