Dear friends,

Dr. Korotkov
Dr. Korotkov

We started new process of presenting new Bio-Well device to the world.

The main idea – to give people new vision of life, new vision of reality through their own experience, by measuring Energy Fields in humans and Nature and understanding the energy side of the Universe. I am sure more and more people will participate in this movement and will share their findings and experiences at the meetings, conferences and via Bio-Well exchange.
We are only in the beginning of this process. For us this is not a business, but a Soul Mission. We do not have enough experience organizing logistics of the process. That is why delays and mis-understandings are possible. Please be patient and trust our pure intentions.
In our activity we rely on our Distributors – our friends, who have experience, knowledge and trust. They should give you training, answer your questions and help you in understanding the World of Energies.

16 thoughts on “Dear friends,”

  1. Hello, I recently (today) saw your info on the picture you captured of the soul leaving the body. I experienced seeing along with my husband our sons soul/spirit leaving in 1991. David Michael was 7 months old and I was holding him when we saw what we describe as a vapor of energy. I was so glad that both my husband and I saw this at the sane time otherwise I would of passed it off as extreme exhaustion for myself.
    Glad you are educating the world to how there are other dimensions beyond what we are taught.
    Opening our minds and letting go of the traps we put our selfs in. So much to enjoy if we will move pass the fears.
    All the very best to you!
    Marcia Newman ~ The Woodlands, Texas

  2. Wow …. It’s nice to know that what you have studied you are sharing this with the world. I am so interested in this and u am a true believer that our soul never dies the body we have is known as the vessel. I have been fortunate to see souls from a very young age, I guess it’s a gift that I have passed on to my daughter. My father passed away 4 months ago, I am a Hindu and in our religion it states that when we die the soul remains with us until the 12th day where we conduct a religious ceremony. This lasts for a few hours the beauty of this is at the end of the final pray that’s when the soul leaves us to go on their journey. When we did this for my dad my daughter and I saw my dad’s soul leaving us accompanied by his own parents. Although it was a very sad and emotional time for us hard to say good bye there was plenty of years yet it was also a happy moment to watch. In this world it’s difficult to explain to people what we witnessed, however there are more people who are opening their minds to understand. But there is also those human beings who are still asleep who do not understand the concept of souls. Thank you your work has inspired me and I hope it inspires the younger generation.
    Love and light
    Anj xoxox

  3. I hope to see a lot more of this research, most people are unaware so I wish to thank on behalf of humans everywhere, willfully ignorent or not I wish to see us all discover our potential. We know so little about our self’s, thank you.

  4. Dear Konstantin

    I hope you are well.

    I have an idea for some research using the GDV Sputnik, which i would love to discuss with you.

    Can you get in touch with me when you have the chance?

    Sending you abundant love

    Namaste _/|\_


  5. It was great feeling to watch your picture about soul leaving the mortal body. Please give more insights and experience about it. Will be too happy to receive the update in my email.
    A. K. Bhan

  6. hello i am a doc by profession and would like to work learn and contribute on this subject of ASC and mind….thanks ..

  7. I just watched an interview you did and it really moved me and validated my beliefs as well.. Energy can not be created or destroyed only transferred… I’m always preaching the word of positive energy and the effect it has. Thank you for all you do.

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