Kirlian Photography as Art and Science

Welcome to Kirlian Photography as Art and Science Community! Kirlian Photography as Art and Science website Kirlian Photography as Art and Science group on Facebook Kirlian Photography as Art and Science Google Site Kirlian Photography as Art and Science gallery on Pinterest Kirlian Photography as Art and Science Instagram Kirlian Photography and Kirlian Effect Research on IUMAB More info: ABOUT, KIRLIAN, […]

What is Shungite?

Shungite – magic stone on GDVPLANET Shungite is a unique Precambrian carbonaceous natural mineral of organic origin that can be found in its raw form only in the Republic of Karelia, the Russian Federation, where the only deposit of this amazing mineral is located. The stone received its name from the name of a small village called Shunga where it was […]

Artificial Intelligence for Tomorrow

Artificial Intelligence for Tomorrow – Files with Functions Real Magic or Magic Reality by Kirill Korotkov. Welcome! Files with Functions – contemporary technologies by Dr. Boris Zolotov, Dr. Sergey Avdeev, Dr. Andrei Patrushev, Dr. Alexander Kozhemyakin, Oleg Bazhenov, Kirill Korotkov, Anton Fedorenko and other inventors and researchers. Translighters Digital, Informational Medicine, Digital Structured Photography, Dynamic Vision […]

IUMAB News 2019

IUMAB News 2019 Kirlian and Kirlian Photography Gallery Welcome to Kirlian and Kirlian Photography Gallery! Kirlian and Kirlian Photography Colored Kirlian Photography Colored Kirlian Photography and Kirlian Diagnostics (Russian) Colored Kirlian Photography Kirlian Photography Publications Bioelectrography publications Kirlian Photography Publications Kirlian Photography Water Research (Rus) Kirlian Photography Water Research (Russian) Kirlian Diagnostics (Russ) Kirlian Diagnostics (Russian) […]

Korotkov Subscriber 2018

Korotkov Subscriber 2018  Bioelectrography News 2019  First Game With Mask On Monday  Bird Box Mask Challenge  Bird Box Challenge with Mask  TG, Season 3 – Hardcore! Korotkov Subscriber 2018 Archive January 2019 December 2018 November 2018 October 2018 September 2018 August 2018 July 2018 Korotkov Subscriber 2018 Categories Art Art-Science BEZ Bio-Well Bioelectrography By number […]

The Biointernet Mask Challenge

Bird Box Mask Challenge Bird Box Challenge with the Biointernet Mask A “Bird Box Challenge“ Now Exists, and Netflix Would Really Like You Not to Participate, but… Let’s try Bird Box Challenge with the Biointernet Mask! More than 30 years Experience on Intuitive Information Sight technology by Dr. Boris Zolotov (BEZ). Special device created – The Biointernet Mask. Safety Bird Box Challenge. We […]

It’s All about Energy

Russian Biophysicist, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov from St. Petersburg, Russia, shares about his many inventions surrounding human energy fields and how it all relates to essential oils. His machines (GDVCAMERA) are designed to take pictures of human energy fields to show us what it looks like from a scientific lens. Learn how these insights can help us be […]

IUMAB Memberships Pro

IUMAB Memberships Pro UPD FREE access to: the IUMAB Members area in the Human Light System website  with ALL eBooks, Abstracts and videos about Bioelectrography and Human Light System. Human Light System Online Course 1.0 and HLS 2.0. Bio-Well Video Course GDV Diagnostics video course 50% discount to GDV Diagnostics 2 course Translighters Games Episodes, Season 2 available for IUMAB Members

Translighters Games 3

TG, Season 3 Hardcore training What’s new on Translighters Games: Hard training with Masks and the Biointernet Mirror (Mirror of Joy) Free online training Intuitive Information Sight technology for the Biointernet Mask users Next level for BLAGA System users Translighters Digital application Spring time 2019 and more  on Translighters Games, Season 3 Welcome to the Game! Science, Magic, Technologies Online Interactive, the Biointernet Show […]


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