The Emerging Science of Water

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The Emerging Science of Water

Vladimir Voeikov and Konstantin Korotkov

In this book, we would like to acquaint readers with the emerging new science of water. We were lucky enough to watch (and, as far as possible, to participate) in the development of this trend within the last 10 years. This book is intended to be user-friendly, reading like popular science. We mostly communicated using layman’s language and avoided technical terms. We hope our readers will discover some ideas in this book that piques their interest.

The Energy of Health

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

The Energy of Health

Understanding the Principles of Energy Field Analysis

This book describes the principles and step-by-step technique of the Bio- Well analysis, which allow not only to make conclusions of the person’s psychophysiological condition, but also develop recommendations for improvement of health and well-being. The third part of the book is atlas of different cases with description and interpretation. All the materials are based on several years of research and experience of doctors and medical professionals in different countries.
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The Energy of Space


Konstantin Korotkov

New Book from Konstantin G. Korotkov, Ph.D., Professor 
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